The climatic features of the area are a consequence of its position in the heart of Transylvania, which frames this territory in the moderate temperate continental climate, defined by the movement and the character of air masses of the West and Northwest.

   The resort has an alpine climate with cool summers (average temperature in July is 18.5 °C) and mild winters (average temperature in January is -3.5 °C), the average annual temperature being 7.5 °C . The number of summer days varies between 60 - 85. Tropical days are few, so that barely 18 such days are counted in a year. Of the mentioned amount, 6 days remain solely in August. The average annual number of days with frost is 127. The highest number of days with frost belongs to February.

   Rainfall - the average yearly amount of rainfall ranges around 750 mm, with peaks between April and July. The average quantities of July are between 80-180 mm and between 30-50 mm in January. The average annual number of days with precipitations is 130, and the days with snow cover are about 70.

   The wind is moderate with an average speed of 10 m / s. Annually, there are recorded 113 days with wind, but only 9 days when the wind speed exceeds 35km / h. The prevailing wind direction is from the NE and NW; frequent winds from SE occurring during spring. The air is clean, well-oxygenated, containing large amounts of negative ions.

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