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Petőfi Sándor Park

It is located in the Centre of Sovata resort, in front of Danubius Hotel The name of the park comes from the great Hungarian poet Petőfi Sándor, whose bust can be admired in the park. The sculpture was created by the artist Bocskay Vince, from Sovata, in 1992.

Nicolae Bălcescu Park

In the park in front of Danubius Hotel, across the street from Petőfi Sándor Park, there is Nicolae Bălcescu Park, with the bust of Nicolae Bălcescu. The bust is the work of the artist Bocskay Vince from Sovata, and it was finished in 1991.

City Hall Park

The park is in the centre of Sovata city, on street Principală no. 155. In the centre of the park rests a statue representing a war orphan. The statue is the creation of the artist Sántha Csaba, from Sovata. In the City Hall Park there is also located the monument of the 36 young people aged 19-22 years, who fell in the battle of Sighisoara in 1849. The monument was created by Vass Sándor.

Ursu Negru Inn Park

It is a small park in the centre of the city, opposite to the City Hall of Sovata. In the park there is the column of the heroes killed in the two world wars, creation belonging to the artist Bocskai Vince.

Maria Spring

It lays at the entrance of Sovata resort, across the day market It was built in 1910 to solve the contemporary drinking water problems. The famous actress Jászai Mari contributed to gathering the funds necessary to build the fountain. The construction was made by the stone carver Reimann János, based on the design of eng. Radó Sándor from Târgu Mureș.

It is worth to taste the water of this freshwater spring and to admire the playful squirrels running through the park in front of the fountain.

„Domokos Kázmér” House of Culture

Comming from Târgu Mureș through Bălăușeri, on the left side of the main road, at no. 32, we can see the House of Culture named after the Bishop Domokos Kázmér from Sovata. The Culture Hall is the venue of many cultural events and programs: music and dance shows, theatre, commemorations etc. Their program can be found at the Events page, or in person at Sovata City Hall. The House of Culture awaits its visitors during cultural programs or on demand, as prior scheduled to the City Hall, room no. 5.

Teleki Training Centre

Teleki Hotel in Sovata awaits its visitors in a picturesque and quiet natural setting with fresh air, away from the city bustle, surrounded by deciduous and coniferous forests.

What could be more relaxing than to wake up in the morning listening to birds chirping or more refreshing than a walk through the wonderful forests around? Here, for a few days, you just listen to the voice of nature, you escape the stress of the city noise,  traffic jams and infernal circulation.

The ladies (or gentlemen) can escape the eternal question "What to cook" and "the smell of the kitchen" as at the hotel's restaurant you will find the tastes and aromas of the Transylvanian cuisine, prepared and spiced with love.

The rooms are equipped with TV and provide free access to the Internet.

While the parents rest in the room, children have the opportunity to play table football, table tennis and other games.

In this facility we can organize team building events for employees. The hotel has 3 conference rooms equipped with the latest technical equipment.

"The only way to differentiate ourselves from the competition stands in the way of performance" - (Jonathan Tisch). In the spirit of this motto, the main objective is to meet the cuisine and comfort expectations of the tourists at the highest standards.

For details regarding the operating hours, prices and reservations, please visit  www.tok.ro

Roman Catholic Church

The church was built in 1878 and renovated between 1993 to 1995. Located in Bisericii Street no. 28. The church can be visited at all times, with prior appointment. Details for Tourist Sights.

Chapel of the resort

It dates from 1934. The altar is made of aragonite brought from Corund. It is locaded in Trandafirilor Street no. 150. and it can be visited permanently.

Chapel on ”Tyúkász” Hill

Visiting the chapel can be a tourism program for several hours because the road leading to the chapel is on a hill in the border town. This road is actually a calvaire, consisting of nine crosses. Going up the hill, we can find peace of mind and sitting in front of the chapel, we can admire an unforgettable view.

Reformed Church

It was built between 1937-1939, under the guidance of architect Joós Andor and it was extended between 2001 and 2003. Details on the location and visiting hours can be found at Tourist Sights.

Unitarian Church

It was built on the former Ghera bath. You can find further details on the location and visiting ours at Tourist Sights.

Orthodox Church

It was inaugurated in 1991. Details on the location and visiting hours can be found at Tourist Sights.

Greek Catholic Chapel

It was built in 1932. Details on the location and visiting hours can be found at Tourist Sights.

Orthodox Chapel

It was built in 1929. Details on the location and visiting hours can be found at Tourist Sights.


The city has 3 Gyms where you can practice different sports, organize training camps or other programs and sporting events. Tourists can participate in matches, training and other sports activities. Regarding the schedule and rates of the gyms you can get information at the City Hall of Sovata.

Villas of the resort

The villas located on both sides of the streets of the resort offer a unique view of Sovata. Some of them were built in hunter's style with folk motifs.

Terrace of Bear Lake

In front of Hotel Danubius, opposite with Bălcescu and Petőfi parks, there is the Bear Lake, a famous natural ambience. The Lake, shaped as a bearskin, is surrounded by hills that hide other saltwater lakes.  From the terrace of the Bear Lake you can admire the landscape, the swimming resort, the forest and trails built around the lake. Here you can make specific photos of Sovata Resort.

Tivoli/Youth Entertainment Lake

It is a recreational lake with the possibility of boating, fishing and swimming pool. It is located in a picturesque landscape, at a distance of approx. 2 km from Bear Lake can be reached by paved road or the landscaped walkways around Bear Lake.


Tivoli Lake is managed by Sovata city (town hall) and awaits its visitors during the summer season. Access prices are set annually, and you can find them personally, at the lake entrance, or by telephone at nr. 0265-570218 (Sovata townhall).

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