The cultural events are organized in Sovata mostly by the following cultural actors: Bernády Cultural Association, Teleki Training Center, Sovata City Hall, the churches of the city's denominations and schools.

Bernády Cultural Association operates for several decades in the city. Through its work, it contributes to the organization, development and promotion of cultural, artistic and historical values of Sovata city. In deploying its activities, the association focuses on people's awareness on preserving traditions and cultural values. In order to achieve its goals and objectives, the association organizes cultural and historical commemorations, concerts, meetings with local artists and famous personalities in culture, art and general culture.

Bernády Cultural Association is the partner of Sovata City Hall in organizing cultural events, and supports all cultural initiations in the city corresponding to its goals and objectives.

Sovata City Hall is the administrator of the House of Culture "Domokos Kázmér" where they hold different programs and cultural activities. For example: theatre, folk/modern dance and music shows, puppetry etc.

Teleki Training Centre plays an important role in shaping the cultural life of the city. It organizes courses, camps and other activities aimed at acquiring knowledge on general culture, cultural, artistic and natural values of the city.

Denominations churches in the city are organizing programs and events related to culture, history and religious manifestations.

Educational institutions organize programs, celebrations, commemorations, exhibitions and other activities related to customs, traditions and customs, history, culture and education. At the same time, it helps to organize various events at the city level.


The cultural program and events calendar can be accessed under the submenu Events & Useful information » Events of the month, or, in person, during weekdays, at the National Centre for Information and Tourist Promotion (CNIPT) Sovata.

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