Located at the foothills of Gurghiu Mountains, on the Valley of Târnava Mică, with a spa and therapeutic potential well known in the country and abroad, Sovata is one of the main elements which recommend Mureș County as a tourist destination. The unit belongs to Subcarpathic type depressions in the East of Târnavelor Plateau depressions linking with the eruptive chain Gurghiu - Harghita. Located at an altitude of 500 m, the town is bordered to the west by the hill Becheci, with an altitude of 1078 m, to the north it is framed by Cireștul Hill (956 m) and to the east by Stejarului Hill (649 m), Capela Hill (715 m), Dealul Mic and Salt Mountain (Muntele de sare) to the northeast. The wooded hills surrounding the city are dominated by Saca Massif (1777 m) belonging to Gurghiului Mountains. The brooks arising from this massive, Sovata and Sebeș, are bordering the town to the south and northeast.

   The sixth largest city in the county, Sovata stands at a distance of 60 km from the county capital, Târgu Mureș, being linked to the country's network by the national road DN 13 Bălăuşeri-Tg. Mures in one direction and Odorhei - Miercurea Ciuc in the other, respectively DN 13A and DJ 153, road that connects Sovata-Eremitu-Reghin.

   The main collector of the river system in the area of Sovata city is the river Târnava Mică, which flows from the mountains of Harghita and it is the tributary of Mureș River. Sovata developed upstream of the confluence of Sovata creek with Târnava Mică, in the valley of Sovata creek and its tributaries, as well as in the valley of Sebeș and Iuhod streams, which confluence with the river Târnava Mică at the south of the city.

   The hydrographic network is very dense, with permanent flow and slightly torrential character. Sovata and Sebeș streams collect the creeks with permanent low flow, water from torrents and from the runoff area of the spa and the northern part of the city. The small tributary creeks of the Sovata stream are the creeks Săcădat, Răchitiş, Restad, Sărat and Vâlceaua Băilor.

   A special aspect of the river system is the existence of the salt lakes on the actual area of the spa resort, lakes which arose because the city sits entirely on a salt massive.

   The salt lakes have carsto-salin origin (salt dissolving and tamping of the material above) formed on the diapir from Sovata are the lakes Roșu, Verde, Ursu and Aluniș (drained by Pârâul Sărat), plus the isolated basins, formed from dissolution and compaction sinkholes: Lacul Mierlei, Lacul Șerpilor (now an eutrophic swamp) and Lacul Paraschiva (clogged). The only lake of antroposalted origin is Lacul Negru, located in the southern part of the Salt Mountain.

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